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The Air Slider is a hovercraft Lifting Pallet that can be used for moving loads easily around over prepared surfaces such as concrete floors and smooth asphalt. Note: with a standard leaf blower it should develop enough pressure to lift a 1500 lb. load. Fitted with a heavy duty industrial blower, this pallet has lifted up to 2500 lbs. It is one of the most simplest, easiest and quickest hovercraft lifting pallet’s to construct. Using that old leaf blower that’s kept in the back storage shed, can now be put to another use for you. It is primarily intended for small factories where a wheeled dolly or forklift is not an option or available.

General Factory load mover: It can be used to move stock supplies from the incoming/receiving door to the stores room. Bulky items or raw materials can be effortlessly moved from one location to another.

Production line use: It can and has been used as the base platform for the building up of equipment that needs to be moved from one production station to another, during the assembly or fabrication process. When in position and turned off, it won’t shift or move, even with manual forces applied. In this setting, there can be many Air Sliders on a production line, all using the same single blower, i.e. moving them along their path, each in turn.

Other applications: One use is to accept a much reduced load lifting capability, say down to 600 lbs. or so, and in turn fitted with a gas powered blower. In this configuration, it can be used to move loads over smooth, flat, yet weak muddy surfaces where wheeled platforms otherwise become stuck.


  • Simple to build
  • Can be put together in less than a weekend
  • Hovers a full 6 inches off the ground
  • Can carry more than 1500 pounds with a standard leaf blower
  • Can carry more than 2500 pounds with a heavy duty industrial leaf blower
  • Inexpensive to build Very safe.
  • All moving parts are contained inside the leaf blower

The Air Slider plan package includes the following:

  • 13 Detail drawings
  • 1 page Tool List
  • 1 page Parts List
  • 4 pages of Leaf Blower Info
  • 5 page Construction Manual
  • and more

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