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This is a simple yet sophisticated craft. With a little 45hp engine this craft can carry up to 600 lbs. and attain speeds in excess of 40mph. With its multi-terrain, all season capability, it can leave other vehicles behind. You don't have to worry about weak or broken ice in a Canair 300 Series. Using one fan to provide both lift and thrust, and aerodynamic rudders for steering, braking and reveres flight, give it outstanding control. Moving the seat, with all controls attached, back and forth, provides accurate pitch trim control. A central joystick allows single pilot or left and right pilot control. This same joystick provides variable lift air control for improved performance. This is an advanced craft that any skilled hobbyist can build and fly, impressing friends and foe. With its simple hull built from door skin plywood and pine framing, glued and nailed together, it has style. A durable fiberglass base for impact protection and its fiberglass fan duct, make it a strong, robust craft. You can Fly low and Fast in a Canair 300 Series.

This is a direct descendant of Ultralight Hovercraft Canair 300 series.

What you get:

  • 30 - 8 1/2"x 22" Detail drawings
  • 11 page Material List
  • 18 page Parts List
  • 10 - 8 1/2"x 22" Assembly Drawings
  • 52 page Construction Manual




-pic of complete plan package


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