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This 25 page Information Package has been compiled to answer all of the many questions we keep being asked, about the Canair 340 & 500/2 design. It also serves as an introduction to hovercraft for the first time builder and might be of value to a seasoned builder.

It includes:

  • Full vehicle specification, both dimensional and performance for both craft
  • Description of the 25 Canair Unique Special Features
  • Scaled 3 view drawings of both craft, sides deployed & sides folded
  • Detailed description of construction and materials needed to build a Canair Hovercraft
  • List of recommended tools
  • Description of manufacturing skills required to build your own Canair Hovercraft
  • Estimated hours to construct a Canair Hovercraft
  • Complete Parts Cost estimate
  • Details of what the Plan Package consists of
  • Background history on the development of the Canair Hovercraft

This package is available for only $25.00 U.S. (including shipping and handling.) If after having read it thoroughly, you decide to buy the plan package, this amount will be deducted from the plan package price.

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