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The TPD Design Sand Fort is not your regular sand box. It can serve as a kids play fort, or anything they want it to be. It will protect them from the rain. It can double as a mini-climb and slide structure. It can serve as an adventurous night time camp, where no wild animals can enter, not even your neighbors wild cat! There is a lot of surface area on which you and the kids can paint your favorite colors, or turn it into a mega truck, a sailing ship, a space cruiser, or what ever your kids want.


  • Big enough for up to six small children
  • Protect them from the rain
  • Double as a mini-climb and slide structure

The Sand Fort plan package includes the following:

  • 15 Detail drawings
  • 1 page Tool List
  • 1 page Parts List
  • 4 page Construction Manual
  • and more...

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